August 31, 2007

Wine Away Wine Stain Remover

Wine - we all love to drink it, but let's face it...if you spill a glass of red, it's not so easy to get out of your white shag carpeting. Wait, you don't have white shag? How about a shirt or linens then? That's where Wine Away comes in - you can get wine stains out without using bleach or phosphates, simply by spraying it on the stain. We love the power of enzymes!

Wine Away

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August 30, 2007

Champagne-ing and Entertaining

Ah, Champagne (pronounced Shom-PAHN-ya, if you ask The Continental) - such a misunderstood drink. We started thinking about it after we got our bottle of Yellow Tail Sparkling, and realized that many people think it's only for special occasions, when it can be a great wine anytime. Our Liquor Snob brethren swear you'll see God by mixing champagne and absinthe, but we're not entirely convinced. We are convinced, however, that people shouldn't be afraid of getting a little sparkle into their wine.

Why? Because, when we drink Champagne (let’s call it that for efficiency), we become one with royalty, romance, tradition, seduction, myth, celebrity and hedonism. Madame de Pompadour, maitresse-en-titre to Louis XV, believed that Champagne was the only thing a beautiful woman should drink. That’s all she sipped. And when she sipped it, the French court followed. Champagne became, and still is, the beverage of royalty.
via Napa Valley Register

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August 29, 2007

Penfolds Character Videos

We've always liked Penfolds wines - they've always struck us as a high quality entry from Australia, a country that gives us quite a few good wines. The company has started a new venture called Character, which is a series of Web videos, in a talk show format, about wine.

There are Hollywood-type celebs, and wine world celebs, and some interesting chat about the grape. We usually only watch Web videos if someone's falling off something, or if they're about Chocolate Rain or George Washington, but this is something that piqued our interest.

Check out the first two videos at PenfoldsVIP and see below for the info we got from Penfolds.

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August 28, 2007

Yellow Tail Releases Sparkling White Wine

yellow-roo.gifAre you one of the people who likes cute on your wine labels? Y'know the type - someone who can't drink a wine unless it's got something cuddly and fuzzy staring back at them - a penguin, or perhaps a wallaby? So called "critter wines," big market wines aimed at just such folks, are all the rage in a lot of circles, and it looks like the critter wine stable just got one bottle bigger.

We just found out that Yellow Tail, the folks who have the aforementioned wallaby on their label, will be releasing a sparkling white wine on September 1. We'd certainly be interested in trying it as we've never had a bad experience with the other Yellow Tail varieties we've tried. Plus, it's being released nationally so it should be easy to get hands on a bottle - and it should retail for around 11 bucks. Can't go wrong there.

See below for the press release we received.

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August 22, 2007

The Red Wine Diet

red-wine-diet.jpgLooks like those jackals over at Liquor Snob have beaten us to the punch again - they've discovered the perfect diet, and it involves wine. We're not big ones for dieting around here, as our straining waistbands will attest, but here's an eating plan we think we could stick to.

In a landmark study, Roger Corder revealed that compounds called procyanidins are the key components of wine for preventing illness. Now, in The Red Wine Diet, he argues that drinking the right kinds of red wine and eating procyanidin-rich foods such as dark chocolate, apples, and berries can help us live to a ripe old age-while enjoying all the pleasures of life.
via Liquor Snob

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August 20, 2007

Stemmed Sommelier Cups

They look like plastic cups, but they're super-expensive sommelier glasses! Get it?

Let's get them to go with our our platinum Ding Dong forks and dab the crumbs from the corners of our mouths with thousand dollar bills!

Available for $100 at MoMA Store [via acquire]

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August 16, 2007

Wine Clip Magnetic Wine Conditioner


OK, file this one under "gadgets we're not completely sold on" (sort of like the Wine Whisk). Here'sa clip you put on the neck of your wine bottle, and the creators claim it uses the power of magnetism to break up the tannins into smaller tannins or something like that, and give you a smoother taste.

There's all sorts of video on the site showing how it works and why it's great, but we're still not quite sold. We'll have to get our hands on one ourselves to really give it the old college try with a big old bottle o' plonk.

Wine Clip [available at Amazon

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August 14, 2007

Wine Glass Steady Sticks

How many times have you been picnicking and accidentally knocked over your wine? OK, maybe not that many times, but isn't it time to think about solving that problem should it ever come up? Yeah, we thought so.

Wine Glass Steady Sticks, Set of 2

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August 13, 2007

A Korus Wine

Looking for a little funk in your wine trunk...errr, rack? Check out K'orus Wines, a new line of French wines from former Motown CEO Kedar Massenburg. According to the release we just got, the wine:

combines the best of French wine making with an upscale yet approachable American style, and embraces the trendsetting African-American consumer and other novice wine drinkers. It is initially available in three varietals - Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.
We gotta say we think they're going after an as-yet untapped segment of the wine market, and even though we're not the target market (the slogan is "K'orus for us") we look forward to giving it a try.

more at K'orus Wine

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August 10, 2007

Root 1 Cabernet Sauvignon

root1cab.jpgHere's another one for the list of wines we haven't tried yet but we're itching to (OK, not literally itching - maybe just a bit tingly). We've heard good things from friends and found good write-ups - looks like we're going to have to get on getting a bottle, eh? Plus, one customer reviewer had us at "spicy, smoky, wonderful."

Deep, dark cherry color, with an expressive bouquet of currants, vanilla, black and red berry fruits. Toffee, tobacco and bittersweet chocolate also stand out on the nose. Soft and supple in the mouth, the ripe fruit is balanced by smooth oak and its creamy texture is dominated by rich, ripe berries and a dark chocolate finish.

Pair this wine with ripe cheeses, like Emmental or Brie. Artfully accompanies grilled meats, spicy dishes and savory flavors of pepper, sage and thyme.

at Root 1 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon

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August 7, 2007

Global Warming vs Vineyards

We usually have a fairly narrow viewpoint on wines - we only think as far ahead as our next glass. Sometimes we like to think about the future, however, and one item that we consistently come back to is the impact of global warming on our ability to get that next glass. CNN did a nice piece on just that, so we thought we'd share it with you so it can keep you up at nights too. You're welcome.

"What's happening with global warming, and what does it mean to the great vineyards of Napa Valley?" he sets up his topic and jumps in, fueled by his training as an enologist, a specialist in viticulture, or the growing of grapes and making of wine.

"Most of what I hear is that in the next 10, 20, 30 years, maybe, the temperature may go up about a degree. Now, from six miles south of us in Napa to five miles north of us in St. Helena, the difference in temperature can be five degrees.

Find out what this enologist has to say at

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August 6, 2007

Are You a Label Whore?

labelwhore.jpgWho'd a thunk it, but it turns out the wine "tastes" of more amateur drinkers might have less to do with the quality of the wine than with the quality of the label. Wired has covered some research on how people react to wines, and while we're not sure the sample sizes are enough to make them statistically valid, it's still interesting stuff.

The researchers gave 41 diners at an Illinois restaurant a free glass of Cabernet Sauvignon along with their $24 prix-fixe French meal. They told half the recipients that the wine came from Noah's Winery in California; the other half were told that the wine came from Noah's Winery in North Dakota.

Drinkers of the "California" vintage said both the wine and the food tasted better, and were more likely to make return reservations.

at Wired

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August 1, 2007

Snooth Wine Database


We're always looking for good wine recommendations (who isn't, really?) and we may have found our tool of choice in Snooth. It's an online wine database that claims to have the largest number of wine ratings around, which is enough to allay our concerns about the strange name.
Snooth's the world's largest vino-database -- a burgeoning repository of 300,000+ wines, all meticulously sorted, categorized, tagged, and rated by sommeliers/enthusiasts/compulsive raters. To keep this boozy trove from becoming unwieldy, the site offers almost infinitely tweakable search results based on price, vintage, region, varietals, or flavor: crisp, spicy, earthy, rich, even the Colonel-matic "good with fried chicken".
Snooth [via Thrillist]
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