November 30, 2007

Fess Parker's Frontier Red Lot 71

We know we've featured it before, but this wine continues to impress us. It's interesting, and best of all around $10 bucks. The wine has a real house wine feel - meaning - you can drink it daily and not worry you're wasting a little wine here or there, and we love the screw cap for the convenience. It's also become a favorite at several of our local wine stores here in MA - so check it out - lots 51, 61, and 71.

At Fess Parker Lot 71 Frontier Red - Red Wine

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November 20, 2007

Digital Wine Cooler and Warmer

Your Reislings should be chilled and your port should be warm. With the Twin Digital Wine Cooler, you can have just that. This amazing piece of technology will make your wine experience a memorable one.

The beauty of this product is that it chills TWO wine bottles at once. Usually, once I polish off a bottle by myself the temperature, not to mention the taste, of the second bottle makes little difference to me. I suppose some people drink with others so having the capability to exactly control the temperature of two bottles of wine at a time, using neither water nor ice, is a great convenience. For those who can sniff and taste the difference a few degrees change in temperature makes in wine this is the feather in their cap.

Find it at amazon

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November 19, 2007

Smoking Loon Syrah 2005

Year: 2005
ABV: 13.5&
We Paid: $12

Great name, great label design and amazing value. It even tastes good! The money we saved on the wine went to some amazing grilled lamb chops for dinner and the pairing was perfect. Even Crazy Karl liked it. If you are low on lamb chops, it's OK, this wine can stand on its own. Definite smoky oak, cherry and a hint of cream. Dark purple tint, good legs and quite opaque. Initial burst of flavor that faded after about 30-40 minutes. We've had better syrahs but not for the money.

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November 16, 2007

Trapiche Malbec Vina Victorio Coletto 2004

ABV: 13.5%
We Paid: $45

trapichemalbec.jpgAlright, this is double our usual range. However, we're going back to Swanky Wine Fridays. It's the end of the week and it's vacation time for many of us, so splurge a little. And believe us, this wine is worth it. While all of Trapiche's single-vineyard Malbecs are excellent, this is the rock star of the group. From 50-year-old vines, Coletto offers prune, fruitcake and cedar aromas in front of a jammy but structured palate. Smooth as silk with hints of Port. A lovely, lush wine that will impress your holiday guests.

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November 15, 2007

Leather Single Wine Tote

winetote.jpgThanksgiving is in one week. You will be herding friends and family into the car and visiting other friends and family. When you arrive for the feast you will hug, hand over the green bean casserole and present your bottle of wine. The hugs will be perfunctory, the casserole good (canned onion strips make everything good), but your wine delivery has the opportunity to be great. Bring the wine to Nanna's house in Amerileather's classy, single bottle wine tote. This handmade beauty is bound to impress.
It includes:

* Top grain cowhide leather
* One high quality Houdini butterfly-style wine corkscrew/bottle opener
* Reinforced hard case construction
* Heavy duty foam padding for added protection
* Velveteen interior

Leather Single Wine Tote Bag

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November 14, 2007

Cheap Fun Wines Holiday Gift Guide 2007

With vacations, family dinners, parties and endless gift giving on the horizon it's time to look at all the possibilities wine creates on the holidays. No other time of the year lends itself so completely to wine. cheapfun_gg.jpgAs the toasts fly, beer and Jägermeister just don't cut it. How can you drink Nanna's health with a shot? And I think it's only in my family that a bottle of Jameson's is brought to dinner parties. Every time you show up at someone's house this holiday season, you should have a bottle of wine in a gift bag, or adorned with a bow.

The CFW crew has spent the last year looking for great wines and great wine accessories. This guide puts them all together to streamline your shopping experience. All of this stuff has been tested by, or on, the interns and has passed with flying colors. Remember folks, this is just the first installment, more great wine gift ideas will be added as we get closer to happy time. So folks, let's get buying and let's get drinking with a little homage to Billy Joel!

ArrowContinue reading: "Cheap Fun Wines Holiday Gift Guide 2007"

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Laguiole Sommelier Horn Handle Corkscrew

We know you can get a corkscrew for two bucks at the corner store, but this one just caught our eye and made us take notice. Don't be afraid, children - we know we tell you to buy cheap wine, but there's no reason you can't open it with a high quality opener.

In the town of Laguiole, in south-central France (pronounced Lie-Yoll), a tradition of manufacturing Laguiole knives has existed since 1829. Forge de Laguiole was created in 1987, reviving the traditional knives fabrication. Every step of the fabrication is performed on site, in the town of Laguiole, from the forging and stamping of metal components to the preparation of materials for the handles-assembling polishing and sharpening, using the craftsmanship of yesteryear.
Laguiole LaguioleSommelier Horn Handle Corkscrew

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November 13, 2007

Day at a Spa Wine Gift Basket

The holidays are coming, so why not think of the special Chardonnay-lover in your life with a gift basket that says "you deserve to be pampered"? Just think - you get all the good karma of sending them to a spa at a fraction of the cost, and they might even share their wine with you if you play your cards right. How can you go wrong?


* Chardonnay
* Chardonnay foaming bath gel
* Gentle shower gel
* Soothing body lotion
* Relaxing Chardonnay bath salts
* Fragrant French milled soaps
* Chardonnay biscuits
* Key lime cookies

Day at Spa Gift Basket

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November 7, 2007

Wine USB Drive


When technology and imbibing come together, all is right with the world. You must check out this website, with video, press release and tons of info. This little wine shaped flash drive is a must for wine-lovers. The drive has software for your wine cellar and reviews and information on countless wines.

Discover the secrets of a Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé from the heart of the Medoc and the registered designation Pauillac. Watch the renowned Michel Rolland taste some of the most recent vintages of Pontet-Canet. This USB flash drive contains the wine cellar management software “Open Cellar” as well as a guide to the Grand Cru from the Bordeaux area and their classification, a screensaver and wallpaper dedicated to wine, exclusive ringtones on wine for your mobile phone, and privileged access to the BeWineConnected Club with links to our partners and wine professionals.

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November 6, 2007

Ruffino Chianti, 2005

Year: 2005
ABV: 12.5%
We Paid: $12

The Ruffino Chianti is a pleasant wine that requires little experience to enjoy. Chiantis are light by nature and yet you feel the depth of centuries of wine-making attributable to the region where it is produced. Satisfying currant, with hints of tar permeate this wine. One of the best values out there as it's usually under ten bucks.

Ruffino 2003 Ducale Chianti Classico Riserva Gold Label - Sangiovese Red Wine

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November 5, 2007

Lagaria, Pinot Grigio 2004

Year: 2004
ABV: 13%
We Paid: $10

Here’s a list of a few of the things I SHOULD have been doing on Sunday evening:
-Grocery shopping
-Working out
-Cleaning my bathroom
-Ironing work clothes for the week
-Buying a birthday present for my nephew
-Writing a rent check

Lagaria PG.jpgThe list goes on, but here’s what I actually WAS doing: sitting on my couch with my wife and sipping on the Lagaria Pinot Grigio. It’s light and tangy, like any Pinot Grigio, but unlike many there is a bit more complexity that lets it stand up to food, almost any food. In this transition of seasons, this wine goes with the last barbecues of the summer and the first Sunday roasts of the fall. And let’s face it, what do you want when you’ve been procrastinating all day? You want something crisp, cool, and easy to drink, and this wine is perfect.

Can you blame me for shirking my responsibilities to enjoy a lazy autumn night, good company, and a yummy wine? Didn’t think so.

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November 2, 2007

Sticks - 2004 Chardonnay White Wine

Year: 2004
ABV: 13.5%
We Paid: $14
stickschar.jpgThe color is a brilliant light straw with vibrant green hues. The bouquet possesses nectarine, peach and savory oak characters. The palate is clean and dry with tropical fruit flavors and a crisp zesty finish.

"Former Aussie rules footballer-turned-winemaker Rob (Sticks) Dolan, brought the wheel full circle when he (and others) bought, and renamed Sticks, the Yarra Ridge winery where he was once the winemaker. This is a great example of unpretentious Yarra Valley chardonnay style, fruit-driven with nectarine, honeydew and citrus, line and length its foundation."
-James Halliday

At Sticks 2004 Chardonnay - White Wine

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Botas-Wine Carrier

botasexp.jpegThere is no justification for it. We are not celebrating anything in particular. However, the CFW folks and friends are going camping. A week from today, we head north to greener and mellower pastures. Among the essentials I have packed already are my headlamp, toilet paper and my Botas. Loving wine and loving camping are not mutually exclusive. In fact they go pair perfectly; like lamb and Pinot Noir.
If you love wine, but haven’t heard of Botas, you need one. Botas are wineskins that are an ancient way to transport wine and are still used today all over Spain. Shepherds and travelers used Botas in bygone days, but today you’re likely to see them worn at festivals, bullfights, soccer matches and the occasional camping trip. Traditional, high quality botas are made in small artisan workshops from cured, hand-sewn skins. The interior is coated with pine pitch for waterproofing. They are normally cut in a teardrop or kidney shape. The end has a small hole to squeeze the wine through and a screw-on top attached to a short cord, so it is not lost during merrymaking! Botas also come with a longer cord so you can sling them over your shoulder and keep your hands free.
Like anything else, you can spend a lot or a little on your bota. I use mine frequently, so I went high end, but you can find one on through this link for under $10. For those who need to have wine when they’re mobile, try the second link. Armed with your bota, you can enjoy a cool Riesling while hiking, or sip a peppery Malbec with duck roasted over the campfire.

Spanish Wine Botas - 2 Liter

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