November 10, 2006

Swanky Wine Friday: Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque

Perrier Jouet Belle EpoqueLeave it to the French to make wine even more expensive. Pernod Ricard has announced that it will be releasing a Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque that retails for just under $1,300 per bottle (we're pretty sure it's not the bottling we've got pictured here, but at least the bottle says the right name, right?). We can't even imagine spending that much for a bottle of wine...that amount of money would let us buy like 65 to 130 of the bottles we usually drink, and can the "quality" or "rarity" of the wine be worth it?

A spokeswoman for the company and a British wine buyer had something to say about that, and we translate it as "no, the wine's not really that much better, but we're not making many bottles of it to drive the price up." Go team France.

"There is a global trend to develop more and more premium and ultra-premium brands," she said.
"I am sure they will have buyers for it because people have money to spend and they want exclusivity," said Ronan Sayburn, head of wine at Gordon Ramsay's restaurants in London. "But there is a trade-off point where the price and the actual flavor of the wine begin to split," he said.
"What you are getting after that is exclusivity, rarity."
via United Press International

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September 29, 2006

Wine/Champagne Display Box

wine-champagne-box.jpgGood day, and welcome to Swanky Wine Friday!

Once again, our featured product isn't a wine per se, but instead a wine accessory - a display box, in fact. Squint through your monocle to check it out, and make sure to put on your best Mr. Howell voice when you talk about it. This elegant wine display box is made of teak and maple, and is the perfect way to display or make a gift of your finest bottle of wine or champagne.

Oh, the price?

If you have to ask you probably can't afford it, or at least not as a gift box anyway, but feel free to gaze upon it at Amazon.

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September 22, 2006

Silver and Glass Wine Decanter

Masini Gioielli Silver and Glass DecanterHoly crap. This Swanky Wine Friday, that's all we can say. We're not going to tell you how expensive the Masini Gioielli Silver and Glass Decanter pictured to the right is. We're just going to say if you were to buy it you'd probably spend as much as you would if you bought 20 or so bottles of wine.

You'd think for that kind of money they could throw a product description up on Amazon, but we guess that's out of the question so we'll tell you what we know.

It's made of silver and glass, it weighs two and a half pounds, and it's designed to hold wine. So there you have it.

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September 15, 2006

Riedel Sommeliers 30th Anniversary Wine Tasting Glasses

sommeliers-wine-glasses.jpgWow. This week's Swanky Wine Friday is centered on wine glasses. Not just any wine glasses, either - they're Sommelier glasses from Riedel. What does that mean?

It means they cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 for a set of three glasses. Does it make the wine taste that much better? We're not sure, but definitely check out the full review on Amazon - we don't have enough space for it but there's a TON of information on the benefits of the glasses and how to choose wisely. Read on for some more details on each glass.

ArrowContinue reading: "Riedel Sommeliers 30th Anniversary Wine Tasting Glasses"

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September 9, 2006

Thermo-Electric Wine Refrigerator

Thermo Electric Wine FridgeLast week on Swanky Wine Friday we covered a built-in wine cellar for your house. This week on Swanky Wine Saturday (yeah, we're a day late...wanna make something out of it?) we realize not everyone can swing the full cellar, but you still want to keep your wine in conditions as optimal as possible. Enter the Thermo-Electric Wine Refrigerator we found at Amazon.

This fridge will hold 20 bottles of your best wine, keep them between 55 and 60 degrees, and still leave you with enough money to actually buy wine. Brilliant!

Product Description
This wine cooler is perfect for all wine lovers! This 20 bottle wine refrigerator has the ideal environment for storing red, white, rosé, or sparkling wines, or for ready-to-serve occasions! Thermo-electric motor features no moving parts, making it completely silent and without vibration. Zero-clearance built-in capabilities. Full-view, double-paned tempered safety glass door. Includes thermometer. Five anti-tip pull out racks. Adjustable temperature range from 55°F to 66°F. Please allow unit to stand in upright position for 24 hours before plugging in.
from Amazon

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September 1, 2006

Spiral Wine Cellar

spiral-wine-cellar.jpgIn this world there are Haves and Have Nots. Some people Have the means to install an expensive wine cellar and stock it with multiple bottles of crazy expensive wine. Some people Have Not.

This Swanky Wine Friday we're taking a look at the Spiral Wine Cellar, a compact wine cellar you can install pretty much anywhere in your house (except - and we're guessing here - upstairs).

Not everyone can have it but the Spiral Cellar allows some people to come that much closer. If you can dig a hole in the middle of your house, then you can have your own 1,000 bottle cellar.

The door handily pulls up out of the floor and gives you steps down in to the cellar. Though it seems some complaints are of it being rather cramped, it beats that wire wine rack you have sitting on top of your refrigerator.

Innovation like this doesn't come cheap though, you'll end up spending about US10,000 to get it up and running.

from Martini Lounge; more info at Spiral Cellars

There are two size options - the Spiral Cellar, which holds up to 1,600 bottles depending on which size you take, and the Mini Cellar, which holds up to 770 bottles. That's a lot of wine! It's too bad we like to drink our wine so much - we'd probably install one in our apartment. You don't think the landlord would mind do you?

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August 11, 2006

10 Most Expensive Wines from

Wine SwankerThis week's Swanky Wine Friday comes from, who did some digging to find the most expensive 750ml bottles available from retailers. You'd be surprised what you could pay for a single bottle of wine - but we're happy to stay in our own little "Under $20" price range. Unless, of course, someone wants to send us a few bottles of these...that'd be fine too.

Yes, it's true that you don't have to pay a fortune for a bottle of wine, but keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for. If you really want to impress that special lady, show her your cellar of fine wines -- or at least display your knowledge of them. Read on to discover the ten most expensive wines available on the market. Note that all prices are in US dollars and were evaluated on the basis of a 750 ml bottle from a retailer.

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August 4, 2006

Riedel Amadeo Lyra Decanter

Riedel Amadeo Wine DecanterOur first stab at Swanky Wine Friday isn't centered on an actual wine, but instead a wine decanter. We found this crazy little sucker over at Amazon and we were instantly impressed by the flowing lines, the unique design and the hefty price tag.

Product Description

Limited Edition Riedel Amadeo Lyra Decanter Created to commemorate Riedel's 250th Birthday the Riedel Amadeo Lyra Decanter is a masterpiece of glass blowing art in 24% lead crystal.

This limited edition Riedel decanter boasts a unique shape and design that is so challenging only the most experienced master glass blowers can produce it...hence only a limited quantity will be made available. Be one of the first and one of the few to own this gorgeous Riedel lead crystal wine decanter. Size: 15'H 59-1/8 oz.

from Amazon

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July 14, 2006

It's Swanky Wine Friday with "The World's Most Expensive Wine"

1119Feat Click 225X417 What's not to love about a wine that costs $160,000? Not having the guts to drink it. has an interesting article on the World's Most Expensive Wines.

What is the most expensive bottle of wine we've heard about after reading this article? A Bordeaux. Specifically a 1787 Chateau Lafite, and, according to The Guinness Book of World Records, 18 years later it still is the world's most expensive bottle of wine.

Full article at:

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