August 22, 2007

The Red Wine Diet

red-wine-diet.jpgLooks like those jackals over at Liquor Snob have beaten us to the punch again - they've discovered the perfect diet, and it involves wine. We're not big ones for dieting around here, as our straining waistbands will attest, but here's an eating plan we think we could stick to.

In a landmark study, Roger Corder revealed that compounds called procyanidins are the key components of wine for preventing illness. Now, in The Red Wine Diet, he argues that drinking the right kinds of red wine and eating procyanidin-rich foods such as dark chocolate, apples, and berries can help us live to a ripe old age-while enjoying all the pleasures of life.
via Liquor Snob

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August 6, 2007

Are You a Label Whore?

labelwhore.jpgWho'd a thunk it, but it turns out the wine "tastes" of more amateur drinkers might have less to do with the quality of the wine than with the quality of the label. Wired has covered some research on how people react to wines, and while we're not sure the sample sizes are enough to make them statistically valid, it's still interesting stuff.

The researchers gave 41 diners at an Illinois restaurant a free glass of Cabernet Sauvignon along with their $24 prix-fixe French meal. They told half the recipients that the wine came from Noah's Winery in California; the other half were told that the wine came from Noah's Winery in North Dakota.

Drinkers of the "California" vintage said both the wine and the food tasted better, and were more likely to make return reservations.

at Wired

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August 1, 2007

Snooth Wine Database


We're always looking for good wine recommendations (who isn't, really?) and we may have found our tool of choice in Snooth. It's an online wine database that claims to have the largest number of wine ratings around, which is enough to allay our concerns about the strange name.
Snooth's the world's largest vino-database -- a burgeoning repository of 300,000+ wines, all meticulously sorted, categorized, tagged, and rated by sommeliers/enthusiasts/compulsive raters. To keep this boozy trove from becoming unwieldy, the site offers almost infinitely tweakable search results based on price, vintage, region, varietals, or flavor: crisp, spicy, earthy, rich, even the Colonel-matic "good with fried chicken".
Snooth [via Thrillist]
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July 26, 2007

Screw Caps Are All Right

screwcap.jpgFound a great story on the use of screw caps on red wine bottles. With some great struggle some folks have finally learned to accept whites (wines you typically open and enjoy on the sooner side) in screw cap bottles, but there's still some hesitation in terms of red. People say you're more likely to lay away your reds, which is why they don't like screw tops. We're saying the screw caps work as well or better than corks, which can dry out.

Our two cents? The future is here, baby, so get with it.

Read the article at Seattle Times

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July 24, 2007

Can You Say Sexy Sommeliers?

Want some cheesecake with your wine at your next function or cocktail party? It might be time to look into hiring a Sexy Sommelier, the service that will supply wine and the aforementioned sexpots to liven up the festivities (actual 'sommelier' pictured). We're not sure what their qualifications are, but do you really care?

Looks like it's time to throw together a little get-together of 12 to 400 people...anyone care to help us brainstorm a reason?

via Thrillist and Martini Groove (thanks Kevin)

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July 13, 2007

How to Enjoy Summer Wines

from found a good piece on how to differentiate wines to drink during the summer that we thought we'd share with our devoted readers. At first we thought it was just basic stuff, then we noticed it was a five page article instead of just one. Plus, we liked the angle of finding the exact right wine for a family barbecue or sultry sunset.

As picnic season starts, it's a good time to find wines to accompany grilled foods and sandwiches. White wines match most summer food, as do roses. Red wines bring out the flavors of grilled or barbecued beef or pork. All are good year-round of course, but some match summer evenings as if they were made for each other.
From Helium

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July 12, 2007

Taste Wine Like an Expert

We've found an article with some great ideas on how to train yourself to taste a variety of wines. We splurged on a fancy wine essence kit, but you can get the same results with things you have at home. Check out the items below and see if you can guess which wines they're associated with; click on to the story to find out.

1st glass: 5 drops of canned pineapple juice and a small 10mm slice of banana

2nd glass: 5 drops of the brine of canned asparagus

3rd glass: 1 tsp of melted butter

4th glass: 1 tsp of strawberry jam

5th glass: 2-3 grains of ground black pepper

6th glass: a tiny piece of green bell pepper/capsicum

From The Star Online

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June 12, 2007

The Wine Zodiac: What's Your Sign?

They say your astrological sign can have huge effects on your entire life, so why not your taste in wine? We found an interesting post over at Good Wine Under $20 that touches on how your Libra- or Cancer-ness (or whatever your sign is) can affect your drinking habits. Who knew our indecisiveness in the wine store had something to do with the stars?

Do you read your daily horoscope in the paper or on Google? If so, do you know what your astrological sign might say about your taste in wine?

I was surprised to discover that there are a lot of places on the web that try to link wine to the 12 signs of the zodiac. Here are a few for you to check out in order to beat back the Tuesday doldrums.

Good Wine Under $20 - What's Your Wine Sign?

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June 7, 2007

How to Invest in Wine

We don't spend much time thinking about cellaring wine - doesn't really fit in with our mission statement. We guess the collecting might be fun, but it sure ain't cheap and the only real way to have fun with wine is to drink it. That being said, we understand why people get into it, and we found this interesting article on productdose that might make it easier if you decide to give it a shot. Plus, apparently fine wine prices are down a bit lately, according to the article.

Besides being able to drink your vino, there are financial incentives to buying wine. Wine makes sense as an option for diversifying your overall investment portfolio. High grade wines are less volatile as an investment than the stock market. According to Mahesh Kumar, author of Wine Investment for Portfolio Diversification, "There's a strong correlation between the economy and stock prices, whereas with fine wine prices, prices are uncorrelated with stock prices or bond prices. The only thing going to affect wine prices is a global recession - global being the key word there. We haven't experienced that for years. So we haven't seen a huge downturn in fine wine prices."
more at productdose

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June 4, 2007

2001 Toasted Head Chardonnay

toasted-head-chard.jpgWe've been getting into Toasted Head quite a bit lately, but until recently we hadn't tried their Chardonnay. We're glad we fixed that mistake - we were very much impressed with the quality of the wine and the nice fruity notes. We recommend it highly.

Taste Bright tangerine and pear fruit aromas are highlighted by clove and nutmeg. This medium-bodied wine has a crisp acidity and long finish, with pear and toasty butterscotch oak flavors, and creamy texture.

RH Phillips 2005 Toasted Head Chardonnay - White Wine

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