May 31, 2007

New Wine Site: Vinapedia

bacchus.jpgPicture this: you're an amateur wine enthusiast looking for advice. You want a place to go that will give you expert advice, maybe somewhere to get an interesting new perspective on wine. Check out Vinapedia - they love wine as much as you do, and they're just starting out so your knowledge will grow as their databases do.

Like the name implies, Vinapedia is set up sort of like an encyclopedia. There are five "volumes" -- Basics, Varieties, Regions, Tasting, and Articles & Media -- each exploring a different aspect of wine. In addition, there's also a Shop section where you can purchase books, accessories and more. Lastly, there's the Tasting Notes Blog (coming soon), which offers up-to-date tasting notes and recommendations to help you get the most out of your viticultural adventure.
Read on at

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May 24, 2007

A Whole Mess O' Wines Under $15

We bet you woke up this morning and said to yourself, "Self, I wish someone would post a story including 17 different wines under $15 so I can hit the liquor store." Your wish is our command. From Syrah to Riesling to Sangiovese, check out this roundup of more cheap wine than you can shake a stick at.

Washington Post - Bottles That Won't Break the Bank

As an interesting side note, this story was written by the same folks who wrote What to Drink with What You Eat- a little book that happens to be our favorite new food and booze pairing companion.

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May 15, 2007

Wine Dogs

We were tooling around on Amazon today and found something we thought was kind of cool, even though it couldn't be said to directly involve wine (or that buzz we're eternally chasing). The book is called Wine Dogs, and it includes pictures of American wineries, as well as their resident dogs. Doesn't sound that interesting at first blush, but as we looked through some of the pictures we thought they were absolutely gorgeous, and we could really see this thing sitting on our coffee table. If you or someone you know is a dog lover, or a wine lover, or both, this book could be just what the veterinarian ordered.

Amazon - Wine Dogs USA Edition

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May 5, 2007

Sangria Recipe for Cinquo de Mayo

OK, OK - so we know Sangria is a Spanish recipe, and Cinquo de Mayo is a Mexican holiday, but cut us some slack here. Sangria can be so damned good if it's made correctly, and what better excuse to make it than a giant fiesta? Of course, maybe we should've saved the recipe for Halloween since the word Sangria is derived from the Spanish word for blood, but who could wait that long? This is a perfect summertime recipe, and we're looking forward to sipping some while we lounge in the sun.

Find the recipe after the jump.

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May 3, 2007

Wine Matcher from Natalie Maclean


A while back, we posted a story about a book we found on Amazon about pairing wine and food, and we've been more than a bit intrigued about pairing for a while. We're still learning about it, and we got an email from a woman named Natalie Maclean offering to take some of the mystique out of matching our food with our wine. She's got a matching tool on her website that lets you match food to the wine you have on hand, or vice versa. What more can you ask for?

We played with it a bit and we really liked her recommendations - if you've got food in mind, from apps to desserts, she'll tell you the type of wine to serve and go so far as to make recommendations for the specific bottle to put on the table. Check out the Wine Matcher at Natalie's website.

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May 2, 2007

Cline Cellars Mourvedre Rose

Beau at Basic Juice has put together a nice little introduction to Mourvedre, a grape we're not incredibly familiar with but sounds interesting. We're feeling a bit adventurous, and his description, which included words like "meaty, gamey, and wild" definitely caught our eye. He also recommends a Mourvedre Rose from Cline Cellars, the folks who put together White Truck and Red Truck, two wines our parents are fans of.

Fortunately, Cline's 2006 Mourvedre Rose ($15) doesn't finish off with any flavors that could be construed as meaty. It does however offer a nifty flavor combo of fresh strawberry, red plum and a touch of clove. While This pinkie is a bit big on the -OH side (13%), it rights itself with a spritz of acidity and a touch of textured tannin. As with most rose wines, Cline's pink Mourvedre will do its duty with nearly any unpretentious food. Try it with a turkey burger, cheese pizza or pasta.
Cline Cellars via Basic Juice

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April 17, 2007

Perfect Wine Pairings Book

Our Liquor Snob buddies covered an interesting-looking book today about how to pair foods and beverages. We thought it was a pretty cool idea, and when we went to the page Amazon recommended another book that caught our eye - Perfect Pairings: A Master Sommelier's Practical Advice for Partnering Wine with Food. We're always getting wine pairing questions from our friends, so we thought it would be a good idea to cover this book to help out the pairing novice.

Read on for the full book description from Amazon

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March 28, 2007

How to Uncork Corked Wine

One of the most disappointing experiences on this earth is to open a bottle of wine, only to find the bottle has been "corked."

It smells horrible, and if you've ever got around to tasting it you know why it's a bad idea. The bad smell and taste are because of trichloranisole (TCA) in the wine, often introduced by the cork or barrel. But you don't care about that, right? You just care about how to make it go away - and we've found some advice about how to do just that, especially if the corkage is relatively minor. Here's a hint - all it takes is some Saran Wrap.

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March 27, 2007

Mr. Cheap's Guide to Wine

We haven't picked up our copy of Mr. Cheap's Guide to Wine yet, but we're pretty sure we will - it's right up our alley. The subtitle is "Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget" and that pretty much sums us up. On top of everything else, this book purports to contain a guide to the best wines for under $10, as well as tips for pairing cheaper wine with the right foods and making sure your wine lasts as long as possible to stretch your dollar even more. All in all, they had us at "cheap wine."

Amazon - Mr. Cheap's Guide to Wine: Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget!

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March 15, 2007

How to Make Your Own Wine

We've often thought of making our own wine, but we're a bit scared- we've dabbled in making beer at home but it seems to us wine is a whole other beast. We just found an article about how easy - and inexpensive - making wine at home can be, which almost has us convinced to pick up a kit at Amazonand give it a whirl.

Linda and Dave Quaine of Marysville have been making wine for about three years. They prefer to do the process at Vinomondo Winery on the corner of Lakeshore and Keewahdin roads in Fort Gratiot.

With wine becoming more popular, the Quaines are part of a growing trend. According to statistics from The Wine Institute in San Francisco, wine consumption in the United States has grown from 464 million gallons in 1995 to 703 million gallons in 2005. Many of those wine enthusiasts are, like the Quaines, making their own.

The Times Herald; pick up a basic winemaking kit at Amazon

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