August 14, 2006

Women with Wine

Woman with WineReason #457 why we love the Martini Lounge - Rick found us Women with Wine.

Women with wine is a fairly new blog of (mostly) hot girls holding wine. Along with raindrops on roses, these are a few of my favorite things.

The only thing they need is some MajikWidget in order to easily rate posts, then it may very well be the most perfect blog on the planet OR THAT EVER EXISTED!

from Martini Lounge

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August 3, 2006

Our Inner Hobo Loves Wine Boxes and Jugs

Wine Boxes Rule!Conventional wisdom has long said that wine from a box isn't worth the foil it's bagged in, and jug wine is equally bad. Luckily, we pay no attention to conventional wisdom and we just found a great article about jugs and wine boxes. Brands include Dtour, Three Thieves, Banrock Station and Black Box; we have a feeling we'll be doing some research of our own if we can find these.

Stick around after the intro to find tasting notes and prices for wines ranging from $10.99 per liter jug to $37 per 3 liter tube (which may sound like a lot but breaks down to be less than $10 per 750ml).

Nothing grates on casual wine drinkers quite like wine snobbery. There is, however, one form of wine snootiness that has long been not just accepted but encouraged: disdain for jug and box wines. Newcomers to oenophilia quickly learn that it is not enough merely to eschew wines like Almaden Mountain chablis and Inglenook white zinfandel—you must trumpet your contempt for them. Suddenly, though, this once-surefire way of exhibiting discriminating taste is no longer such a gimme. That's because something new has arrived at the wine shop: jug and box wines that are actually pleasant to drink.
from Slate

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July 31, 2006

Help Create a Winery B&B with Wine Charmer

More Wine Charmers to SellY'know those little wine charmer doohickeys you can hang from the stem of your wine glass so you don't get them mixed up? Well Wine Charmers, one of the companies that makes them, wants to sell a million of them. Big surprise, right? But here's the catch - if they sell a million of those little suckers they're going to build a Bed & Breakfast in San Diego with a winery right on the premises. Pretty cool right? So get to buying some Wine Charmers - maybe if you buy like 100,000 they'll let you stay at the Winery B&B for free.

Read the full press release after the jump.

ArrowContinue reading: "Help Create a Winery B&B with Wine Charmer"

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July 28, 2006

Under New Management

New ManagementFor those of you who are paying attention, you might notice the tone around here has changed a bit. That's because we've gotten some fresh new blood into the Cheap Fun Wines stable, and we hope you'll like the direction we take. We used to intern over at Liquor Snob, but we got sick of bowing and scraping to the egomaniacal Editor in Chief, so we're really looking forward to making our mark over here in the wine world.

We plan to let you know about great wines you might not have heard of for under $20, give you some tasting notes and most of all let you know whether you're getting a good value for your hard-earned bucks. We'd love it if you'd drop us an email at news at, especially if you've got wine suggestions, know of good wineries to visit or even if you want to send us a bottle for review. You keep reading and we'll keep drinking wine. We thank you for your support.

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July 27, 2006

Good Organic Wines for Under $10?

Full CirclePeople are paying more attention to what they put in their bodies these days, turning more and more to organic products. The only problem we typically have with going organic is the cost - it usually costs way more to be conscientious about how you make your food, and those "savings" are usually passed along to the consumer. That's why we were blown away when we heard about Full Circle wines, which are made entirely from organically-grown grapes and available at Whole Foods for under $10.

2003 Full Circle Merlot, California ($7.99) - This is not a soft, lush and juicy Merlot, but good as a light dry red. The color is a muted ruby. The aroma is also muted, of dark cherry. The taste is dry and surrounded by simple dark red fruit. 84 points.

2002 Full Circle Cabernet Sauvignon, California ($7.99) - The color is ruby with a little gray-blue on the rim. The aroma has some earthiness and some black pepper spice. The taste is mostly dry from some light wood tannin, with a little black raspberry. If you like dry reds, it's a solid little everyday sipping Cabernet. 84 points.

2003 Full Circle Zinfandel, California ($7.99) - The color is light red with a tinge of orange on the rim. The aroma is muted. The taste is rich for the price, with juicy ripe red fruit and a little dryness to balance it all out. It's missing the big spice of a Zin, but it's very approachable. 85 points.

2003 Full Circle Chardonnay, California ($7.99) - The color is a nice pale yellow gold. The aroma has some pear and apple notes with a little wet cardboard. The taste has good tartness and fruit character; mostly ripe green apple mixed with a little smoky, nutty warmth in the finish. Surprisingly drinkable for the price, and I'd have no problem making this the everyday Chardonnay. 85 points.

from (Also check out to dig up more information)

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July 21, 2006

World Wildlife Fund calls on Winemakers to Choose Cork

Natural-CorkWe thought the new screw caps were a ton of fun and now this? Cork is back? WHAT? Well the World Wildlife Fund has called on the wine industry to 'choose cork' in order to save the environment. Why do they think we should support cork and not alternatives? Cork forests. Yep. CORK FORESTS. More forests - more trees and more wildlife - makes sense to us.


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July 20, 2006

Witness The Trainwreck of an Online Wine Community

If you want to read a rant about how bad forums can get when people get pissed off about bad wine or bad wine customer service read on. We love Vinography and we think they're right. Chill out and kick back with something a little more mellow than rants and just drink some wine.

I don't know a lot of things, but during my short time on this earth, I have observed what I believe to be some predictable tendencies of the particular animal we call human beings. The males of the species are arrogant and proud, yet they have the most tender of egos. They swell with self importance, and rage when insulted. Both males and females are born defensive and only become less so through careful conditioning. When they collect in the groups we know as communities they have a tendency to squabble, opine, piss off, and otherwise make fools of themselves with occasional utter abandon.

At Vinography: A Wine Blog

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July 19, 2006

The Little Penguin Blush Wine Personality Test

Landing Accent

We can answer that - blush wine. We're not big fans but we are big fans of the Little Penguin. We love their wine and love the fact it's good, cheap, and well - it has a penguin on it. Now the Little Penguin wants you to rethink pink or blush wine. So he's introducing a rosy new addition to the collection: the Little Penguin's new Pink Penguin.

Sporting an oh-so-fashionable new look, the Little Penguin is blushing with pride. To set the stage for your own encounter with the newest Little Penguin, you are invited to reveal just what makes you blush.

Currently their site has a quiz you can take that's a bit of fun. And heck - we might even try their blush wine.

At Little Penguin

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July 12, 2006

Don't Buy Into the Future of Wine


Who knew that Bordeaux futures are being offered by local wine shops and some national retailers at prices that can top $660 bucks! At Cheap Fun Wines we like to keep it under $20 and the whole wine futures games seems a bit extreme - however we could see enjoying a $600 bottle of wine or even the future of wine for $600 if you'd pay for it. :-)

Not that there aren't plenty of buyers lined up to plunk down thousands of dollars for wines that won't even arrive for another two or three years — the reviews have been that good. ("Futures" are paid for and ordered now but not delivered until the wines have been blended, barreled and bottled.) But still, I had to scratch my head when I saw, for example, that the 2005 Mouton is being offered locally for $660! For a bottle, not a case!!

Full Article at: The Seattle Times

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May 2, 2006

Muscadine of Tennessee

My friend, Kim, an editor for Southern Living magazine who lives in Alabama, recently told me about this winery in Tennessee that's famous for its muscadine. Muscadine? Never heard of it. She quickly filled me in. Muscadine is a sweet wine. The muscadine grape, also known as a scuppernong, is native to Florida. Southerners often prefer their wine sweet to dry, according to Kim, which explains why there's a run on muscadine.

Highland Manor Winery, 14 miles north of Nashville, can't make enough cases of this white wine to satisfy the masses. It costs $9.99 (cheap, so it's up our alley), but it's a limited reserve. The winery won two gold medals for this wine in Madrid, though it doesn't say which medals on the website. I will try to get my hands on a bottle to review it, though it might be easier to get NBA playoff tickets than a bottle of this stuff, even if you do live in Tennessee.

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