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November 6, 2006

Woot Wine 11/06/06: Sierra Club Chardonnay

Sierra Club ChardonnayCalling all eco nuts! If you can stop spiking trees long enough to log onto the Infernets, this week's Wine Woot is right down your alley. Introducing Sierra Club Chardonnay, a California Chard that usually retails for about $15 a bottle, but is available in four-bottle clusters from Woot for $40 plus $5 shipping. As always, this will only last as long as the wine does, or until the week is over.

Folks in the Woot blog seem divided on this stuff, but moreso over the politics than the quality of the actual wine. Our verdict? It seems cheap enough, and it's available for a lot of states (but not Masschusetts...grrr). If you agree with the Sierra Club and want to give them your dough, get there. If you think they're a bunch of tree hugging wack jobs who don't deserve your hard-earned money, save it and buy some acreage of your own to clear cut as you see fit. Doesn't bother us either way.

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October 23, 2006

Woot Wine 10/23/06: Reininger Walla Walla Trio

Reininger Walla WallaWe're going to come right out of the gate and say this week's Wine Woot is a bit on the spendy side for us, but we figured we'd cover it anyway in case you have deeper pockets than us. The trio of bottles on sale this week includes a 2002 Cabernet and Merlot, as well as a 2003 Syrah, and at $69.99 plus five bucks shipping comes in around $25 per bottle.

Of course, the folks at the Wine Woot blog are saying they can't find the three bottles for less than $94, and all three bottles are around the 89-90 points area, so they're probably worth the money if you've got it. Guess it's up to you to dig around in the piles of money you have lying around and decide if you want to spend some of it on wine or keep saving up for the yacht.

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October 16, 2006

Woot Wine 10/16/06: Poizin Zinfandel

Poizin Zinfandel TrioThis week's Wine Woot has the greatest wine name EVAR (prove us wrong) and we were all fired up for it as soon as we saw Massachusetts on the list of states available for shipping. We mean "Poizin," with a skull and crossbones on the label? Sign us the hell up. Then we remembered that with the delivery times you can expect for Massachusetts, we'd be seeing our bottles in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas, when the humor would be gone.

Anyway, Poizin sounds like good stuff according to the Wine Woot description, and costs in the neighborhood of $25 per bottle in comparison to Woot's $52.99 for three bottles (plus $5 for shipping). It's a blend of Zinfandel and Petite Syrah and it seems like a good deal, plus you can buy a bottle of Antidote (a pinot gris) from the winery's website. Get your claws on a bottle of Poizin through Woot Wine and don't forget to check out the blog for reader tips and catty comments.

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October 10, 2006

Woot Wine 10/09/06: Parker Station Critter Quartet

Parker Station Critter QuartetYe gods we look forward to each week's Wine Woot. Overall they're great deals, and if they would ever work it out so we could order it (stupid no shipping to Massachusetts) we'd be getting there every week. This week's Woot includes four bottles (2 Syrah, 1 Chardonnay, 1 Pinot Noir) from Parker Station for $29.99. Even when you include the $5 for shipping that comes in at less than nine bucks a bottle.

Nothing heart stopping when you compare it to the typical price of $10-$12 plus shipping at other wine sites, but it seems like it'd be fun to experiment with. Check out this week's Wine Woot blog for customer feedback, and check the main Wine Woot page to see if they're shipping to your state. Oh, and make sure you're not drunk when they deliver it.

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October 3, 2006

Woot Wine 10/02/06: St. Supery Merlot and Cab

St. Supery Merlot and CabernetThere's big news over at Woot Wine this week, and we're not necessarily talking about this week's deal. Wine Woot is out of beta now, which means it's here to stay. Good news if you're a wooter, even better news if you're looking for good wine deals.

That being said, that doesn't mean every single Wine Woot will be a winner. They've got a trio of St. Supery wines up this week (2 Merlots and a Cabernet Sauvignon) that have gotten a lukewarm reception at best. You get the three of them for $49.99 plus $5 shipping, but everyone seems much more excited about the Cab than the Merlot, and you only get one bottle of the Cabernet. Still, at around $18 per bottle (down from a typical price closer to $25) this doesn't seem like a bad deal if you're looking for some reds to drink right now.

Get the full scoop, including states eligible for shipping, at Woot Wine, and don't forget to read the comments on the blog.

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September 12, 2006

Woot Wine 09/11/06: Jepson Mendocino Mix

Jepson Mendocino MixHow is it that we keep forgetting to cover the weekly Woot wine deal? It's not like they change the day they release it or anything. Every Monday - how tough is that to remember? Anyway, this week's deal seems like a pretty good one for $35.99 (plus $5 for shipping), so we'll hand the microphone over to Rick at Martini Lounge to give you the details.

All the wines are pretty good ones and Jepson also makes a nice Brandy if I remember correctly. Plus there's just something so pleasant about Mendocino wines. The cost normally is around US$58 before shipping, so you're getting a deal.
from Martini Lounge; order the wine from Wine Woot.

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September 5, 2006

Woot Wine 09/05/06: La Famiglia Pinot Grigio

La Famiglia Pinot GrigioWe've been loving a lot of Pinot Grigio around here lately, so we're all fired up about this week's Wine Woot. You're getting four bottles for $45 (like $11 apiece), and the lowest prices we found for this wine otherwise are around $15-$20 each.

That means the discount isn't incredibly deep but it's definitely not bad, plus we're intrigued by the tasting notes: "Enticing apple, citrus and lemon zest character with mineral, floral and spice nuances. Burst of tangerine on the finish. Crisp and dry, with silky texture." We say get there, especially if you like dry white wines.

But as always, make sure you check the list of delivery states at Wine.Woot as well as the Woot Wine blog before you get too pumped up; we found out Massachusetts isn't on the list so we can't partake this week.

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August 28, 2006

Woot Wine 8/28/06: Vino Noceto Wines

Vino Noceto WinesOnce again we couldn't get to the Wine Woot until the end of the day. We suck at life.

You get a bottle of Vino Noceto's regular Sangiovese, their Reserva Sangiovese, and two bottles of their Zinfandel. All of these are great wines to have with food, like a Jumbo Jack or Whopper. Or even something fancier, like Italian Food (You know, Olive Garden and stuff).

These all are pretty well-balanced and bring a lot of new flavors to your under-appreciated palate. The only caveat is the regular Sangiovese, don't let it breathe or it'll start tasting like you're licking lollipops.

From Martini Lounge; Verdict = Get There

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August 21, 2006

Woot Wine 8/21/06: Little Vineyards Sonoma Valley Trio

Little Vineyards SonomaThis week's Wine Woot seems like a pretty good deal, even though it only comes with a trio of bottles rather than the quartets we normally see (for the math-tards out there, trio=three and quartet=four). Once again Rick over at Martini Lounge has beaten us to the punch, so we'll let him do the heavy lifting. What the hell - it's Monday and we're tired.

I had the Cabernet at a wine bar last year and it's a damned good one. The trio would normally cost you US$80 or so, so the price of US$49.99 plus $5 shipping is a good deal and you'll be glad you got these ones.

Verdict: Grab it.

from Martini Lounge; pull the trigger on this deal at Woot Wine and learn more at the Woot Wine blog.

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August 15, 2006

Woot Wine 8/14/06: Merryvale Napa Valley Medley

Merryvale Wine QuartetDue to circumstances outside our control, we missed the proverbial boat on the Wine Woot yesterday. Luckily, not everyone is falling down on the job and Rick over at Martini Lounge took care of things. Good thing he's around.

Four bottles of popular Merryvale brand are the subject of this week's fine Woot! You get a Merlot, a Chardonnay, a Syrah, and a Savignon Blank. Most experts seem to agree that you have a few years to wait on these wines (Except for the Savignon Blanc, DRINK IT NOW!) so you can throw them in your vast cellar ( I know you have one) and enjoy them when your 5 year old kid 8 or 9.
From Martini Lounge

From the looks of things, the $85 you'll spend including shipping makes this a good deal, but nothing to roll your eyes back in your head. Seems like a pretty good idea if you're a Napa enthusiast, if you've been looking for these wines, or if you have some kind of OCD where you HAVE to buy every single Woot that comes down the pike. Head on over to Wine Woot to read more on each varietal and pull the trigger if you must.

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August 7, 2006

Woot Wine 8/7/06: Vina Robles Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay

Wine Woot: Vina RoblesThis week's Wine Woot consists of a quartet of Vina Robles Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay (two bottles of each) for $44.99 plus $5 shipping. Before you start poo-pooing the deal because they're whites, keep in mind that not all whites are the sicky sweet ones you remember.

Some digging by the Wooters shows the Sauvignon retailing for about $12 while the Chardonnay was found for $17 (or $58 for two bottles of each) , so Woot's price of $50 including shipping isn't anything breathtaking. OK, go ahead and mock now.

Recommendation: We say skip it and wait a week unless you really love whites or these wines in particular. If you're raring to go, check out the comments and put in your order at Woot Wine.

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